Friday, June 5, 2015

Today is Chrissy's birthday… I told her we could do anything she wanted with one exception.  We were not going to STORAGE to clean my units on her birthday.

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts on my way to meet her because it's also National Donut Day.

She wanted to go to a couple estate sales. She map quested everything - had everything printed and had her map book out.  I created a monster. Seriously. I did. The first house was a little sad to walk through.  The stuff was expertly arranged by the kids. Their dad had a ton of tools in a fabulous shed.  I wanted everything.  They seemed sad to be getting rid of his things.  I bought The Dad a jacket and, of course, I couldn't get out of the damn garage…  This metal bucket would have been at least $25 in Adamstown. They were asking $1… same for the old painted toolbox.  The yellow sprinkler, for 50 cents, will make good legs for someone if I ever get to make my people…  There are a few other things in the bucket - all in all, $13.

The thing in the back is an old car creeper. $3.  We did end up at storage just to drop it off with the rest of my shit…

Then we went to another house sale on some crazy road.  They were some mountain men and I thought, for sure, that they were going to eat us. Chrissy always finds a way to turn around where she isn't supposed to.

I think that sign actually said - VIOLATORS WILL BE EATEN. 

He had some good stuff.  Old bike, old coke cooler, this fab doll baby.

Actual conversation...

J: I want this doll.

C: You don't need that doll.

J:  Look at her hat.  I WANT HER!!! She's 15 dollars. (as I check under her dress and looked at her shoes...)

C: Like you wanted that (haunted) baby carriage for the yard that you had to get??

J: She's the only baby I'll ever get to have. ;-(

C: (laughing) Her eyes will flutter at night and her head will spin and she'll haunt you in your fucking sleep.

Yeah. I didn't get the doll.

My boss lives out that way so she's been telling us to go to Lucci's so we had birthday lunch there.

I already planted in my bucket!

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