Saturday, June 6, 2015

Cindy and I were out junking bright and early this morning - went to a church sale and a neighborhood sale and happened to run into a good house sale just driving down the road.  These are my two favorite finds from today.

The rickety, rusty turquoise chair that is seriously going to collapse in about a minute makes my heart happy.  The lady was like it needs a little work (like a lot of work) and I was like IT"S PERFECT!!! They actually had an old straw wreath on it and it was sitting under a tree and it looked like a million bucks.  At least to me. ;-) I love it. I love it. I love it.  It was $3.  And the little phone - oh. my. god.  The husband said they weren't sure if they should put it out. They were going to throw it away. He was shocked I picked it up.  I bought the phone and this old book and some party bingo cards for work.

I asked how much and she questioned if a dollar was too much for all of it.  I gave her a dollar each. So $3 for all three. My friends all laugh because I'm constantly giving people more than they ask! I figure if they make me happy I should make them happy too.  Win-win.

The church sale we went to first was decent too. Got this doll with one shoe and a few other things…

Some bulbs for my boss - she makes wreaths with them.

This Japanese bunny family… 30 cents. I bet there's a little girl missing but I'm kind of liking the only child vibe.

…and these beauties - love their smooshed faces. 50 cents.

This vintage tray was a find. Mid century COUROC.  I have one of Glo's - hers is round. Same pattern. This would be around $30 I think. It was marked $1.  Yes, one dollar.

I want to do this professionally. If I can get organized here and get some space I think I can do it.  I have a  group that I think would go in with me…

Can I make The Wishing Star the next Junk Gypsy or Earth Angel Toys?!?

I think I'm going to try.

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