Friday, June 12, 2015

You know, very often, I still get a little ping in my heart when I go to Home Depot or Target or Sam's Club. Especially when I see couples doing their everyday shopping…. I was in Sam's tonight and saw this asshole going on and on about the deal he was getting on those shorts.

He just rubbed me the wrong way and was so obnoxious to his wife/girlfriend or whatever she was.  Actually, everything he picked up he had something to say about it.  The store was about to close - the lights were literally turning off and he was taking twenty minutes an item to talk about it before he put it on the belt.  I just wanted to scream - dude, you are a little too excited about being at sam's club on a friday night with this chick - go home, now, and pat yourself on the back about all the bargains you're getting.

Right before I got in line to check out there was an elderly couple fighting in the housewares aisle. Like seriously I thought they were going to start punching each other.  And last night, I was in Target and this young couple - probably early twenties - was baby talking or maybe it was their normal speech and the girl was saying you aren't going to get any cuddle kisses when we get home because you wouldn't let me buy those m and m's.  I thought she was kidding at first but it was serious, fighting talk. The guy was saying you don't deserve those m and ms because you wouldn't let me play xbox the other night.  I can't even go on. It was just so obnoxious I was ready to explode.

I can't believe the outward disgust and just plain meanness I see between couples when I am out.  Is it just me that's annoyed by it?  I truly don't want to go out anymore because all I do is question how I'm the one that doesn't have a husband while all these other fucking idiots do?!?  It breaks my heart over and over again.  I used to like shopping.  I think I'm going to order everything from amazon so I don't have to go out anymore.

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