Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Someone go get my "dog mom of the year" trophy engraved… Lily had an appointment today for her shots and lyme test. It was late so The Dad came with me for the ride and to stay in the car so I could go in and get baby reubens from Bado's without leaving her in the car herself. Anyway, we pulled up at the vet's office and Lily was her usual self - barking and causing a fuss. I go to pick her up and get her out of the car and her ear is visibly leaking yuck.  I bring her in and the tech gets her and comes out and was like do you know she has a severe ear infection?!?  HOW DID I MISS THIS? The pup sleeps with me/on me every night and I didn't notice this?!  I know I've been distracted but come on.  They had to pack her ear(s) with antibiotic because it was so bad.  I suck.

Shout out to Dr. Mann's truck.

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