Saturday, July 30, 2016

What was it - three years ago - I think… Chrissy and I went an made arrangements for Glo's funeral - per her request. The last few days, we've been on the phone picking readings and songs for today.  Thank goodness for YouTube and speaker phones.  They called yesterday and asked about flowers which I completely forgot about… I mean this is over a month later and there was no viewing so I didn't even think about it. Besides, she actually hated flowers but I remembered that we still had an artificial arrangement from my Mother's funeral (yeah - 22 years ago) tucked away in a closet and it matched the urn. The frame I had for her pic didn't work so in the wee hours of the morn I was running around the house taking pics out to find something that worked.
St Edwards got really modern since the last time I was there…

They had this funky statue I want…

It rained the entire way from the church to the cemetery… we got stopped by a bunch of turkeys which I like since Glo always did Thanksgiving back in the day.

It pretty much rained the entire ride to the restaurant too - like major rain… I think it stopped just as we all pulled in. We had a nice lunch at Monte Cello's.

On the way back we stopped for  raffle tickets in Cherry City. I remember my mother always stopping for the car raffle when we would go to Ross Park Mall.

It was a good send off. See you later, Glo.

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