Friday, July 8, 2016


My boss and I went to see The Angel Ladies at her babysitter's house tonight… I arrived skeptical, mostly because no one came to us at LilyDale. ;-)  I still don't know what to think, though there were things that they just couldn't have known. I questioned whether they had our names beforehand because I am pretty google-able. They did not.

If you aren't familiar with them here is a video from 2009. They came in dressed alike - all in blue - so I guess they always dress the same. I liked them both but I was connected to the one on the right more. I walked in and the first thing she said was there are 2 - no 3 babies. 2 girls and a boy (which is correct) Your grandma is with them. The other one said there was something by my feet  - rose - a dog energy swirling around. Said there's another one here… Whaaaaat? Seriously.

They said there's a mom who said she loves me - said she doesn't understand - said she's grabbing him by the ears - what did he do?  There's another one doing the same thing. Asked if I knew a patrick or a pat - I said no but now that I think about it… pat jameson… dad's pat… chrissy calls michael patty??? I can find the connection somewhere but why that name??  It was all mum coming through the most from the very beginning. I mentioned nothing about a divorce. Said there was a Helen watching me - the ladies asked if I knew a paula??? Said Mum said paula loves me.  Said mum asked about the house said there is something behind the paneling!? Is that Dixon House or Dad's house??

They brought up aunt gloria - said her name - said I led her to the light. She told them I held her hand. I have about 50 pictures of our hands entwined from those last two days that nobody knows about - right up until her last breath. She asked if I had the (christmas) box - the only thing I can relate that to is while her body was still there I packed up all her holiday decorations that were on her window sill while waiting for the undertaker… I'm back posting so none of that was on here before tonight.

I finally told them that my mother was dead… the one then said she didn't know why she wasn't coming through but my mother-in-law was so much…. then, boom, said there she is (figuratively hiding on a cloud) - that was a little fishy… then the other one said that's the grandma - it's not your grandma with the babies it's her and she's with your mother-in-law. Ok - nice thought.

They questioned the railroad - I didn't know what they were talking about with that???

Also talked about a playground or park near a house… not sure about that either.

Said I'm with two girls… chrissy and cara???

Said my mother came through and said my dad is difficult. She's sorry I have to be there. They didn't know I lived with him. Make him take his medicine - he forgets. Any middle age daughter that is living with her dad would probably be taking care of him, right??

When they later found out I was italian the one on the left started talking about the 7 fishes which wasn't that relevant to me current day so I questioned that. Talked about parties. Ok - comes with the territory with a big italian family???

They talked about a Marie and a Frank… I have an aunt and uncle by those names which, in my opinion, may have been there waiting for Glo… that's a possibility.

Talked about 5 sisters on my dad's side - asked if he had 5 sisters???  Started saying names…
My grandmother's name is Josephine (so is my mother's name) and my grandma had sisters named Theresa, Mary, Philomena, Lucy. How would they know that? Said they said I still have a baby face and look like my dad. Yes.

I don't know about all of this. I'm confused. I was exhausted after it. I don't know how they can do it - if all these people are popping in to visit they have to be exhausted dealing with everyone. I think they definitely work off of your reactions and build the story with what is expected. I do think they are on to something, though. There were things that they just couldn't have known for the four of us that were there.

I don't know…

I don't know.

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