Monday, July 11, 2016

There was a  house on Florida Avenue in Mt lebanon that we looked at. It was small and I think it had a shared driveway. Honestly, I can't remember too much. It was close to 19 and Rolliers. It was a nice house. I remember it had pocket doors and a booth. I loved that booth. I can't remember the address. I tried to google map it but my efforts failed. I thought I'd might be able to see a sale listing that had a photo of it, though maybe it's been removed or re-done in some way.  I'll have to drive by next time I'm out that way.   I've had dreams of knocking on the door and telling the owners I wanted to buy the house.  Anyway, I know that booth does not look like it does in my mind but I think about that booth all the time.  I think about how I would have decorated it. Right now, I'm thinking all of my (many) Tascha Parkinson pug prints, probably in black IKEA frames, would be all around with a few scattered (other) pug items. I would sit there and make my grocery list and work on projects.

I think about that booth…

…all the time.

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