Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Glo's roommate, Edna, is dying... I used to help her with her meals and other things she needed.  I think she thought I was the nurse most times.  Every time I would do something for her she would touch my hand and say you'll get your crown in heaven. She hasn't eaten in I don't know how long and she's been in bed for what seems like weeks.  Every time I go in she looks more and more like bones you would dig up at some excavation site. When we dropped Glo off the other night after Mother's Day dinner we had to stand over Edna and make sure she was breathing. She was - but wasn't responsive. . Glo keeps checking on her and seems mesmerized that she is "still holding on." I don't think she's going to last through the night

Glo is so matter of fact about it but I guess that's good. This will be the second roommate that died in her room and Ms. Brown died too but Glo was already in a different room when that happened. I'm not sure that they don't but I'm wondering if they have grief counselors for the other residents.  Seems like they should. It may be a good thing that Glo is kind of out of it.  I didn't get up there until late tonight. She told me a little girl came in this afternoon... She thought it was her granddaughter but I know it wasn't. I'm not even entirely sure it's true and am wondering if she imagined it. I'm kind of hoping that she did imagine it because there may be one traumatized little girl now... she said she sat on her bed and she told her that no matter what happens to her grandma she has to do good in school... if not she'll come back and haunt her.

Nice, Glo-worm.  Nice.

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