Thursday, May 2, 2013


I've been a fan of Trohv for some time... I never really realized where they were located, though... turns out they have a store in Baltimore and one on the DC side of Takoma Park. If I had to describe it I would say it's kind of where Anthropologie would go to shop. They have the typical houseware things - a la Anthropologie or Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel and then these great one of a kind pieces... farm tables, re-purposed doors, etc... They had a big giant shopping cart made by local artist JP Flick. It was $8,000! It's just a lovely, lovely place and I would definitely recommend making a trip there if you are close to the DC area.

I always want to live in any new place I visit.  Takoma Park was no exception... The houses were adorable... the little pink one I posted a few days ago was under contract - listed at $735,000.  Besides going to the local grocery store in a new town I always want to drive around the neighborhood and get real estate books. There were so many cute little bungalows.... everyone had their own unique little things to the houses... gardens, paint jobs, etc... It was just a really sweet, artful little place.  The side of this building had some tromp l'oeil going on...

One of the shopkeepers was from Pittsburgh - his wife was big at the Warhol museum... most of the shop owners were hippies... they have dog friendly dining... food truck Fridays...  a farmers market on Sunday... Just my kind of town.

We got croissants and gelato for a mid morning snack and pizza for lunch...

This place was in Union Market (not Takoma Park) - another lovely home goods store with mentioning... Salt & Sundry. There were some really fab farm tables in there as well as this ridiculously gorgeous table!

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