Sunday, May 19, 2013


I often have PTSD symptoms when I watch a home, wedding or baby program on tv. We watched a marathon of wedding ones on Lizzie's surgery day - that was the longest I was able to get through a bunch of them... it's hard to not think of your own when you see shows like that. I was thinking about that Pinterest pin about nailing the box shut and opening it on your first fight and reading the love notes you put in there on why you got married in the first place and then all would be well in the world.  I found a bunch of things I don't know what to do with... do I nail them shut in a box never to be opened again?  When do memories become meaningless? Especially when they meant so much not too long ago... I don't know the answer yet - for me, at least. I've gotten some suggestions - shred the shit... throw it away...burn it!  I'm planning my next wedding on Pinterest... those mason jar invites!?  Come on - they have ME written all over them!  I know it's never going to happen and it's just in my imagination - give me some burlap, a whisky barrel and some reclaimed lumber, though... I'll throw you one hell of a party.

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