Wednesday, May 1, 2013



I went to DC this weekend with Chrissy for Lizzie's wisdom teeth surgery.  I was the food nurse...serving pudding and applesauce and mashed potatoes. And reading the TripTik.  Lizzie tweeted about her mother's fascination/obsession with the TripTik and AAA made it a favorite! It was a momentous day.

I still wasn't feeling that great and was kind of out of sorts when we left... I literally packed 10 minutes before we left and had to include throw up bags... I'll spare you the details.  There is something that always cheers me up, though... car snacks! It's not a road trip without the snacks.

I love the road... the pavement and the sky and the trees...

I find myself stating random interesting facts I've learned through the years about road signs and highway design. We got stuck behind a paint line truck - loved it.  I do know my dream of being an overnight trucker is never going to come true but it's still fun to think about... Lily and I would have made a good team just traveling around the country together making deliveries.  We could have been known as that girl and her pug and would have hosted (other trucker) dog meet ups at the rest stops.

I kind of rubbed off on Chrissy...  She said she always wanted to stop at that gift shop in Breezewood but Ted never would... so we had to make a little pit stop.
I think I bought that iron pig bell from the kitchen in there - it's all Steeler/Penguin/Pirate stuff now and some other teams... and a bunch of 50 state magnets and ornaments.  That's me in the Polamalu mask. If I can give you any advice - stop at all the shops on the side of the road and get off the exits and go to the local hangouts... you won't regret it. 

Oh and... there's one radio station in DC that just plays all Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, right?  And that one Bruno Mars song. If so, we had it on. ;-)

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