Wednesday, November 13, 2013


My boss is retiring so we took her to dinner to celebrate...I guess I went to my first after work social being a working girl and all!  You know - like the cool kids do - happy hour and all that fun stuff.  Guess what? No big deal.  I mean it was super fun and we had a good time and a great dinner and laughed all night but that didn't make me a better person or instantaneously fulfilled.

Told you so.

I may not have had a normal working life when I should have but I was happy with it.  I never felt like I lost myself or had no identity or raised my kids and now had to find my place.  I had a place and a family and a home and was more fulfilled then a lot of people I know that worked all their lives.  That was enough for me and should have been enough for others.

It's sad when the ones that should have been your biggest supporters just wanted to change you into something they thought you should be.

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