Monday, November 18, 2013


I yelled at the Lily Bud last night.  She is so bad when it comes to cleaning her face/folds and trying to brush her or clean her ears.  Like SUPER BAD... she sounds like a gremlin and wiggles all around and came really close to biting me several times.  She hid under the dining room table and I screamed and she finally came out and let me brush her at least.  It's impossible to do it by yourself and she almost cut The Dad's face off with her wolverine claws which were just cut.  I hate when I have to yell at her.  Anyway, you've probably seen these photos by now... the cutest pics of nap time. It's pretty much what me and The Lily Bud look like every night. ;-)

... and if you need a little more cuteness... check this out.

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