Friday, November 22, 2013


We took Glo to State College today to pick up Katherine. She's been saying that she wanted to go visit and see her stuff that we gave the kids... She thinks her crock pot is there too and she's been teasing that she's going up to take it back.  It's not there (Ted has it) but she insists that the kids have it and it has turned into this big joke.

She's been having a harder time walking so I wasn't sure if this was going to be a good idea still but for days she's been saying how much she wants to go to the Basilica.  She said Ray (she meant Dave) promised her that he would take her to DC and she was so excited.  We told her again and again that that's not where we are going but she just wasn't getting it. We said that will maybe have to wait until we visit Lizzie  - God help us all if that happens.  I think that's a little too far to go with her, unfortunately.

I totally hurt my back in the morning loading a wheelchair (that we never used) in the car and it ended up raining a bit but we went around town, had lunch at the G-Man and took her for ice cream... even though she began asking "are we were there yet?"(non-stop) starting in Blairsville, she had a good time.

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