Thursday, November 28, 2013



We made a gratitude tree the other day... We went out and cut some branches and the residents wrote down what they were grateful for on a paper leaf. We sat with those that couldn't write and talked to them and had them tell us... family and friends were the big ones... even gray hair (because it meant they lived long!)  I sat with S who doesn't talk much... sometimes she will start dancing in her wheelchair when we put something peppy on but she usually doesn't say a word.  She looked right at me - eyes wide open and grabbed my hand... she said "I'm grateful for YOU for taking care of me."


M and I were the only ones working today.  I'm glad that I did. We had a treat cart and went around room by room and said hello and talked for a couple minutes... some of those people wouldn't have gotten any visitors on a normal day let alone a holiday. We got a lot of I love you's and thanks for thinking of me's...

...and a lot of blessings.

Go do something for someone that doesn't have anyone or anything.


Grateful: A Love Song to the World.

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