Saturday, May 3, 2014


Chrissy and Cara surprised me at work yesterday... after going out for ice cream and going to a church sale one of my co-workers was having.  Thanks, Bitches. Hope you had fun.  ;-)  Anyway, I still had an hour or so of work left so they went and hung out with Glo.  Turns out she had no idea who they were.  She knew she knew them but, apparently, she kept introducing them as her "nieces from New York." We figured she meant her nieces from Chicago because she doesn't have any from New York.  She asked Chrissy how long it took them to get there and seemed surprised when she said about 20 minutes! She's getting really bad each day that goes by. She's been very frustrated and acting out and keeps saying she hates it there.  She begged me to let her go and said she would be good and get her own apartment and get a job at the five and dime. There's no reasoning with her - it's just more and more frustrating for me and her... She thinks she can handle taking her own medication and making her meals, etc... in reality, I come in in the morning and she often has three shirts on because she doesn't know to take the other off before she gets dressed.  What a sad, sad way to live the rest of your life.

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