Saturday, May 17, 2014


A couple months ago Chrissy and I got an email that lizzie and hilary found an apartment together.  They were so excited because they had two bedrooms and we could stay with them on our next visit.
We didn't really have that much to do. They had most of the unpacking done already but there were a few things left to organize.
We have boxed and unboxed her "bong" since college!

We had a pretty laid back weekend consisting of (mostly) eating things like this yummy delicious french toast...

...and this lovely mac and cheese - both from Tunnicliffs.

...and even this little potato dish from chef Jonathan Bardzik that was a demo at one of our fave spots -  Eastern Market...

I bought a pomegranate tree for The Dad there. It's probably going to die in this zone but I'm going to give it a try.

Hilary suggested we go for a midnight snack so we ended up at Kramerbooks for some chocolate cake.  We love chocolate cake and hilary.

We did do a little bit of sight seeing. We went to the Basilica... poor Glo - she's been wanting to go there.

Which reminded me that I never got a church votive holder which has been on my list of "things to find."  I do have a kneeler...  I guess I'll be checking Ebay. ;-)

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