Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Oh how I love truck stops... I forgot to mention that we stopped here on our way back from DC.

It had a Perkins in it!  I'm not sure I ever mentioned on here what "going all Perkins" means.  Though it looks like I've used it here multiple times. The memory is fading but, from what I remember, the Friday night crew was coming back from some craft show or Berlin, OH or somewhere like that and we stopped to eat and were waiting and waiting to be seated and there were all these empty tables... I got mad and flipped out on the manager or the staff... I don't even remember.  We ended up with like a bazillion coupons for free pie or something. So now - any time I freak out on someone or something - we refer to it as going all Perkins.

Anyway, after all our good food over the weekend we actually did go all Perkins and ate lunch there... it wasn't all that bad, actually.

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