Sunday, May 24, 2015

I ran away from home today. ..

Sort of.

I was having a Memorial Day party.  It got a little chaotic and honestly I didn't really care.  I was trying to be calm. The Dad was being an asshole (as usual) and was pushing every button I had visible. LOOOOONG story short, he turned around and said to me - wait until you are old and you don't feel good.

My response:  I don't have to wait.

I went to my room and shut the door and covered myself up with a blanket and intended on going to bed.  I could hear everyone carrying on in the other room and eating and whatever.  Finally, Aunt Joyce came in to check on me and I had a little meltdown and decided to just leave.

I packed a bag with water and a dog bowl, got my keys, scooped up my dog and left.

I didn't really know where to go, though.

I thought about taking her to Boyce Park but we got there and there were so many other dogs and I was afraid she was going to get the dog flu from one of them so we left…

Next thought - CCPeppers. I knew I could make it there - just wasn't sure I could make it back so I decided against that trip.

I thought  - where can I go with the pup?  I was reminded of my Norfolk days. We ended up at Dairy Queen.  We got ice cream and chicken fingers.

For me?!?


We had a bite of chicken but it was gross so we threw it away…

We decided to go to storage and go through the boxes of dog clothes but they were blocked and I couldn't really move the things blocking them myself so we just sat in the parking lot and talked about the status of our lives.

I brought her along with me, in part, so I didn't just drive over a bridge. I was pretty much ready to. We ended the night getting coffee and just driving around and finally made it back to a completely dark house. Whatevs.

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