Friday, May 29, 2015

Major SAP (storage avoidance procedure) - we got to storage and were kind of like I don't want to do this.

Well, maybe that was just me.

Okay- it was totally just me.

I had just come from the rheumatologist's office and got a steroid injection in my thumb.  I really didn't want to move a bunch of bins around from one room to the other so we went with Plan B.

Plan B = House Auction.

Chrissy has been looking for a curio and they had one so we ventured out… unfortunately we didn't bring chairs so we had to stand for 5 hours and the weather was not so great - lightning and thunder and torrential downpours. I actually thought we were going to die. I'm serious.

We had checked out the listings and photos online and I wasn't really looking for anything - well maybe some of the trucks they had - they had a  good fire truck.  She was looking at the furniture. She ended up not winning the curio and I took home this giant snowman for $3.00.

Chrissy gave up and was sitting on one of the chairs that was up for bid in the back of the tent.  She wasn't next to me to be the voice of reason so when I saw a snowman - well… hence him in the back of the car.  I turned around like she is going to kill me but she was busy stuffing jewelry in her purse that I didn't realize she bid on and won so I'm calling that even, bitch!!! Neither one of us needed what we got. ;-)

I also got this thing which nobody seemed to know what it was but it intrigued me.

I thought it would be good display for my imaginary booth at the country living festival.  This guy was eyeing me up the whole time.  He came over and said that he bought one and fixed it up and put tin doors in and flipped it for 200 dollars at rogers.  I should have asked him if he wanted to buy it off of me.  Instead it went in the car and I've regretted it ever since. $15.

Then came a box of teddy bears.  I got them for $3. A guy (who I found out was a regular at these auctions) came up and offered to pay for the whole box it if he could have one of the toys out of it. It was an energizer bunny. I told him he could just take it,  I only wanted the teddy bears for a bingo I'm doing at the nursing home I work at. He insisted. I insisted more that he just take the bunny.  When I went in to pay for all my stuff he had paid for it.  I found him later and told him he didn't have to do that and I was happy to just give him the bunny.  He said it made him feel good to do something for the seniors and it made his day. Nice guy.

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