Friday, September 25, 2015

I started taking out the Halloween stuff. I don't have any room here. I used to put witches in one room and pumpkins in another. I just can't do it here. I think it's time to give some up. Cara is fostering a couple of my pumpkin people. I think she is going to end up keeping them for good. She has been collecting witches the past few years and I think some of these girls are going to go over and live with her too.

Maybe not the big one or the little one that matches her… or the green candy one or the one with the skirt… LOL -  well three of them are going to live with her - forever. I'm calling that progress.

I'm way more a pumpkin girl…

…and these are my peeps…

I took these guys out and put them right back in the bin - no room.

I love my halloween guys. There are only a couple pieces that I regret purchasing. This is one of them.

It reminded me of the haunted mansion and now I don't like it. I'm wondering if I might like them better if I paint their faces like sugar skulls… I may try that some time. I can't figure out why I dislike them so much. I put them back in the bin to worry about later.

You know, this is the guy that started it all… bought at Marshall's or TJMaxx in Bridgeville long, long ago and stayed out year round Over 2 at Dixon House because I loved him so much. Still one of my very favorites.

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