Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I make dinner almost every night. I go to the store almost every day after work. (PS - I'm getting sick of that.)  I called on my way to the store and The Dad said to just make something quick - like tacos. I'm really not a fan of Mexican food. Poor Cara always wants to go for Mexican and we usually shoot her down. Though she and Chrissy have been known to go get chimini-changas without me on more than one occasion.  The Dad loves tacos. I think they are a pain in the ass. I' took one for the team and made them… I make this chicken/pineapple salsa/ onion and cream cheese mixture that I can take for soft tacos and only if I know it's my organic ground meat for the hard tacos… I just don't get why everyone thinks tacos are so easy and quick. What am I doing wrong?

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