Saturday, September 5, 2015

I went back to Chrissy's yesterday after our adventure to help her organize a few (hundred) bins.  Hey, Percy.

I ran downstairs for something and discovered these guys in the wash tub. They were actually pretty cute. I wanted to get them little Christmas vests and top hats and take pictures but Chrissy wouldn't let me.

I'm sure she had something in the bins I could have used for props.

Those bins in the above picture are a small (very small) part of what we sorted. I was doing some research as we went through everything. We found some things that need to be looked into further.

We unearthed so much stuff. She has every toy the kids ever had. They aren't really interested in keeping anything but she is. I keep trying to get her to make shadowboxes of some of the favorites and get rid of the others (says the girl that wants to build a room for her Holiday Inn and McDonald's houses) Anyway, she, like me, will just accumulate as much stuff as possible. I kept finding all these cute things. Like this...

And this…

I asked her where she found such cute cupcake stuff and you know what her response was???


I totally didn't remember until she said it. I'm not sure if it's early stage dementia that made me forget or the fact that we are just surrounded by so much that it becomes oblivious.

We were exhausted by the end of the night so I took a break and cleaned out my purse. Just like with everything in my life there was an excess there, too.   I found 14 pens in my purse. 14!

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