Sunday, March 27, 2016

We hosted Easter today. You would have thought it was Christmas. I was up cleaning until 4 am last night and seemed like I was fussing with dishes all night. I don't know why I couldn't get focused.

I had an Easter Egg hunt for the pup.

She's been having a hard time seeing but I led the way and she found all the eggs!

Even the Golden Egg!

Thanks for my treats, Mama.

I don't think she knew that I had to dig through her toy boxes to find old Easter toys and went to the pantry for a bag of treats - I got so busy this week I never went and got Easter Basket items!

She had to take a nap before everyone came over. The Hunt was very tiring.

I set up some of my serving pieces the night before and I knew as soon as Aunt Joyce got there she was going to say something. "Looks like you're back to your old self."  Kind of sort of - not really... but I did not forget the lamb butter.

We had a baked potato bar and I served little buns out of a small wheel barrel and chives out of a little lady vase I've been storing pens in. Very Jeannine.

Come hell or high water we are dying easter eggs… I've only been trying to find the time to dye eggs all week. After dinner we went downstairs and got the job done. I didn't have any newspaper so we used vintage wall paper to protect the table. I mean everyone has vintage wallpaper laying around, right?  Very Jeannine.

Brown eggs make very pretty easter eggs.

We finished the night with Aunt Joyce's Pizza Frite and Debbie's fabulous bundt cake and Cara's yummy coconut cream pie and some mini root beer/Coke floats. It's hard to get more "Very Jeannine" than that.

Well, maybe this…one of the mason jars got stuck down the drain and took 5 people and 15 minutes to get it out.  Very, Very Jeannine. ;-)

Happy Easter.

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