Friday, March 18, 2016

Chrissy planned today's adventure.

Back to Patti's to get pasticotti for The Dad - and a few other things and a morsel for us to eat so we weren't hangry...

Stop off at Dorothy's candy.

I love Easter Candy. Not eating it - just looking at it.  I love the chocolate bunnies and they had cute birds on a nest and two chicks and a truck and these beauties - deviled eggs.

I didn't buy one thing.

Shopping at The Hub. I didn't get this either but I've been coming across this everywhere I've been lately.

Lunch at the Firepit. OK

We shared some sides… Cara got the cornbread… Chrissy got the cauliflower… I got the pineapple.

We stopped at The Big Mac Museum.

We were a little too excited about it.

#whyiseveryonelookingatuslikewearecrazy. People, this museum has been on our bucket list for the last four years. Sorry to interrupt your lunch - we're just looking around.

Chrissy was pissed that they didn't have a gift shop or souvenirs. Not even a god damn magnet. They found an ornament under the counter but it was too big and they didn't even know the price!  It's a museum for Christ's sake! I have more swag in the kitchen cupboard.

I think I see 3 pelos!

We were headed to get ice cream but realized that L&L was going to close…we might as well just turn around here.

Hello, Gorgeous. I was waiting for this guy to come to life like a Transformer.

Someone call Art-O-Mat!!!

Kerbers for ice cream. I always grab the top with a napkin and throw half of it away. I don't even like ice cream.

We were laughing our asses off looking at the Kerber sign in the grass…

Cara determined they were Ryan homes over yonder because of the brick in the front and siding in the back with no decks and were determined to find them… we went on a driving mission to check them out and couldn't figure out where the entrance to the plan was.

Ok - these are NOT them…

Wait - there they are…

It was one of the funniest ride arounds we've ever been on… we ended up at a school during a lacrosse game.  There they are again - OMG, I can see them through the rear view mirror! Are we in Wayward Pines?

Later -  to the Wall.

…and Wilmerding.

There was no Winkys but here's my obligatory bakery photo.

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