Friday, March 4, 2016

Our adventure today took us to Beaver - Cara's choice. Oh, what fun we had.

Someone usually picks a place and Chrissy scopes out the territory.  She checks store reviews… Yelps for restaurants and Mapquests directions and makes her TripTiks. Even with her love of containers and cute little bins she has all of our area info in individual Ziplocs. In case we are ever in a flood, I guess our directions will be safe!

I lost my GPS (again) somewhere in the house so we used Chrissy's which has these cute little signs!  Do all the new ones have that?  I think I need an upgrade.

Our first stop was for donuts

Later in the day we also ended up here...

We went there three times actually - once to get treats - another time after lunch for a small bite and back after shopping to buy a shopping bag that Chrissy was obsessing over… The girls in the shop were cracking up.

Anyway, we went to a few antique stores including this one

I have been on a search for a church candle holder and finally found one. It was not quite what I was looking for and I got the sarcastic comment - what are you going to do - put it in storage with your kneeler and multiple boxes of Jesus statues??  Point taken and it was $300.00, but still - I haven't come across one so it was kind of exciting.

We talked to the owner of Hutch & Home.

New furniture and vintage finds. We love her. We wanted her to come to lunch with us and be our bestie but she had to work. I think I'm going to bring The Dad there to look for new furniture.

The whole point of going there was because Cara wanted to try Heirloom.

They were rated one of the top Reubens in Beaver so we had to try it.

Good but not as good as Bado's! ;-)  Cute place though.

We ran into Cafe Kolache for some to-go treats. They may have been my favorite of the day. And if you are counting - this brought us to our third bakery stop of the day.

We did some more shopping - cute little shopping district that's been re-vamped and we did some driving around to look at houses.

We probably could have skipped this but we went to Jerry's Curb Service.

I don't know how they ordered food and were able to eat.  That was the word of the day…EAT.

I had a few fries and a couple sips of a chocolate milkshake. I should have just taken a nap. We were cracking up on the way back because Cara was reading some Beaver, PA history like she was a book on tape. Chrissy had to ask the question -  why is a vagina called a beaver and, thank you Google, we got a full history on beavers, merkins and vagina wigs. We were cracking ourselves up so much I thought I was going to have to pull over.

Fortunately the taco and custard place wasn't open for the season and a couple other stores were by appointment only. I have a feeling we will be back.

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