Friday, March 11, 2016

I remember my mother going to Jiffy Lube long, long ago and Chrissy goes all the time to get her oil changed. I always make fun of her. I'm all for women's lib but there are some things that boys should just do. Oil changes are one of them! I have been driving around with the light on that said "oil change soon" and I've been ignoring it - for months!  I was hoping I could just wait until it was due for inspection and do it then. I've never taken any car for just an oil change. It's always been done by Vince or at the dealer along with something else. Last week, I got the "oil change required" light and panic mode set in.  Chrissy said she would go with me before our Friday Travels but I was still a nervous wreck. It was so bad I didn't even take a pic.  This is the Valvoline as I was leaving.

I think I can make the announcement now. Chrissy and I are officially dating. ;-)

After my very upsetting morning - our travels took us to Belle Vernon today.

The guy there was adorable. In his 80s … he has this 1931 Ford in there that belonged to his father - he was telling us stories of him riding in the rumble seat. Cute, cute guy and car.

The GPS somehow took us to the wrong location of the bakery we had on the list for today.

We managed.

We had to pee so we stopped here. Love the spoon.

And while we were there…

I haven't had one of those in forever.

There were a couple other antique stores. There are few things I like more than decapitated dolls… and these were a bride and groom!

We were downstairs in the basement of one of the shops and I said "this boy coming out of this trunk is super creepy" and chrissy said "what boy?" and scared the hell out of me. For a brief second I thought maybe he was a ghost kid and I was the only one that saw him.

Hello 621

There were actually two bakeries on the list for today. This was the second.

You could have easily missed it…

…but we didn't.

Sign read - "old bakers never die they just run out of dough."

One of the shop keepers recommend this place.

Just ok. This was cute.

The original Keystone Bakery we were trying to get to ended up being in the shopping center where the restaurant was so I got a little baby leprechaun cake...

... and put them all away (under the dome) so I can throw them away in a few days.

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