Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A few days back, I realized I forgot some things for Easter Dinner so I stopped at the Shop N Save in Monroeville after I went to Sam's Club… I don't go to that store often but I do know that they have one of the string people machines.  You know, like the one Community Market has.

I've still been trying for that damn Wonder Woman. I have a ton of duplicates in a drawer downstairs and a bunch on my dresser…

Anyway, I sat in the car and got my thoughts together and made a list of the few things I forgot.  I dug down in my purse and found three quarters.  I searched the car and my travel bag and found another!

I went in the store with my list and my four quarters in my pocket.

I bought what I needed and came back to the car - completely forgot to try for the doll.

It was starting to rain and I really just wanted to get back to the house. I realized I forgot ice cream and debated on just getting it in the morning but I figured I should just suck it up and go back in and be finished with the shopping.

I bought the ice cream and stopped just outside the door and put my four quarters in the machine…

Is that pink?

No, really, do I see pink?

Because, I think, the only doll that's pink is WONDER WOMAN.

I DID IT!!!  I got the Wonder Woman!

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