Friday, March 25, 2016

Whenever a light bulb goes out The Dad asks when Chrissy is coming over. I've been getting better at changing bulbs in a timely manner but some things are proving to be more difficult.  I hate some of these fixtures and I'm not able to change them by myself. So, Chrissy came over and let there be light!  She also helped me move a few things and gave me my Christmas gifts. Yes, It's March.

We are officially finished with Christmas 2015.  Cara and I still have to exchange, though. This is so funny. Not like we never see each other.

Anyway,  we all headed to Scottdale today. Cara was looking for some presents and Chrissy wanted to go here

We did some shopping and went here for lunch… the girls got the Codzilla and I'm going to hell for eating a Reuben on Good Friday.

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