Monday, June 20, 2016

They said I could just leave and worry about the room later. Of course, I didn't.  I waited for the undertaker to come and get her body.  Some of the aides came in and cleaned Glo up… I started loading her stuff up… I had 5 bags of clothes which I donated to laundry to give to some of the other residents that don't have anything.

I ended up finding that other shoe…

A lady from the funeral home came… I questioned whether she would be able to move her herself and ended up helping her. We put her body on the gurney and away she went… I loaded a cart with all her belongings...

…and stuffed everything in the car.

An entire life in the back seat of my car.


By now, it was a little after midnight.

The lady that came weirdly told me that she needed clothes to be cremated in.  I thought that was a bit strange but I didn't really know… I ended up having to overturn those five bags I packed up and pulled out a few things. I had saved a few other things for Cindy to make me a Teddy Bear or something… Lily and I were up till about 3 am. washing clothes.

Chrissy didn't want me driving since I was up for almost two days so she picked me up to go to the funeral home.  She parked in the neighbors driveway and as I was walking to her car I ended up spilling iced tea all over the freshly washed shirt I had for Glo. I started crying and screaming and threw the iced tea bottle in the middle of the yard. I think the lack of sleep finally got to me and the fact that it was 11 am and our appointment was at 11 am didn't help either! She called them to let them know we were going to be late while I composed myself and we got there and had forgotten everything we planned 3 years ago!  We had to go in and identify the body which surprisingly was laid out like a viewing. I really thought they were going to pull her out of a drawer like you see on tv in some morgue scene. We walked back in and I told the undertaker that I had her clothes and he was like YOU DON"T NEED THEM. So all that fussing over the stupid clothes - seriously?  I give up. Why is the universe constantly making things difficult for me? I didn't think you needed clothes when you were being cremated but whatev. We did what we had to do and then went on to do what we do best…

We went to Murray Avenue Grill and had our own little memorial service… We honored Glo with iced tea and a reuban….

… and then I finally took a nap.

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