Wednesday, June 29, 2016


My boss and I stood in front of this and laughed for way longer than we should have!

We went on a field trip today to Kennywood. It was one of their wheelchair days. We always take advantage of it since a wheelchair and an escort can get in the park for free.

Last year Glo went with me because I had a feeling it would be the last time she would be able to go. I was right.  I'm not really sure she had a good time. I can still see her trying to figure out what she was supposed to do with her corn dog.

When I went last year I said I wouldn't get these again… what did I do?  I got them again.

To use one of Chrissy's favorite words… there was too much GOO on them.  I feel sick just looking at the picture.

The residents like to go sit on the porch of the restaurant. Some got lunch from there… all wanted fries so it's a lot of running around and I get it with the no trays but people that buy 4-5 at a time… how do they expect you to carry them?  Paper trays, please?!?  I'm not the only one with this request!!

Anyway, while we were sitting there I looked over at the water fountain that always makes me smile and totally brings me back to my childhood. Hello, mushroom. I love you.

There were all kinds of characters there - super heroes, storm troupers, etc… I'm not sure why. There were also a lot of vendors with booths all around.   I got a funnel cake to share with everyone and one of the residents that couldn't make it asked if I would bring her one back.  At least they plated and put in a bag.

Everyone had a good time. I'm pooped. Amusement park work days are exhausting! ;-)

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