Friday, June 24, 2016

We are always on the lookout for new restaurants… Gena was talking to Chrissy about Manor Grille so she put it on our list of places to try.
We've passed it enough not really knowing what it was. The only thing I knew about Manor was the Manor Murders my boss told me about!  

I got the burger with mashed potatoes on it just because. Loved the Homer Laughlin dishes, of course. Thumbs up to that.
It was ok. Not fab but we all thought everything was good. We may have to check out breakfast some time.

There was a road closure so we had to take a little detour. Really thought someone was going to come out and eat us.
Found our way to Jeanette to Antique Oddities. We haven't been there in awhile. Would love this collection… have my grandma's old one and bought one somewhere - in storage, of course.
We came across a candy store we didn't know about and while we were there there was some commotion at a bar across the street. I thought we were going to have to take cover and hunker down in the store but we decided to take our chances and go out to the car. Their candy was good.  It was Wilson's Candy. I haven't had honeycomb in a long time. My mother used to like the honeycomb from Catoris in New Ken.  Yum-o.
We ended up driving around to intentionally get lost. There was a point when we were laughing so hard I had to pull off the road… I actually couldn't see and was afraid I was going to run into something.  We ended up on Mt Thor road and saw some fabulous houses. If we didn't have a laugh fest we never would have known that neighborhood exhausted.

Then we carried on… we went to the Craftique in Greensburg… We just kept driving and driving and what did we see ahead...
3 pelos all in a row!  Wahoo!
Bonus for it being a Turners Dairy Farm!!!

Oh gosh… another pelo down the road.

We turned around in some farm store that was closed and ended the night and closed down Disalvo's Station. Liked the place and salad and dessert but the entree was just ok. I love the train going around the room… we always wanted to do that.

I feel like I've been there before but can't remember if it was me or Cindy Brady??? They were setting up for a wedding...

…and the train car is so cute. I want one for parties or just to eat dinner in.

Latrobe is on the list now of places to explore… there are some shops we want to check out that were closed. We will save them for another adventure.

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