Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Lizzie went on a bike ride awhile ago to Takoma Park... she thought we would like the town and suggested we stay there the next time we visited her.  There weren't many hotels listed so we took a deep breath and decided to just go with the Quality Inn. I know... no room service, no lounge area with revolving tv, no bellman or valet. There was a 24 hour IHOP right next door so we figured if the room was that bad we could just eat pancakes all night. I mean how bad could it be?

We checked in and were cracking up...  Let me tell you - there is no I in Quality! Seriously... look at the sign!

The "I" is missing! The next night when our keys didn't work we went back and the "I" was still missing so I had to snap this pic... the menacing looking backpack and that dude's ass are a bonus! You're welcome.

The room actually wasn't too bad... we had a microwave and a refrigerator and table and chairs... We were totally ballin. You kind of had to step in the tub to close the bathroom door but no biggie. ;-) It was reminiscent of the La Quinta stays before the beach - they had the waffle machines and everything... We did take Glo's door thing just in case we needed some extra protection.

The beds were surprisingly comfy and their literature noted that they had 200 thread count sheets!!!  Do they even make less than that?!? ;-)  When we left, I was packing the car and chrissy went to check out. She came out of the lobby laughing hysterically.  She said you're not going to believe this - the Q is gone now!   I went back to take a picture but the girl put it back up!

More on Takoma Park and the wisdom road trip tomorrow...

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