Saturday, February 1, 2014



I went to Dixon House today.  We finally got around to going through the Disney stuff I talked about in this article... We opened a box that was housed in our bedroom - it contained bits and pieces of our Disney Days. Keys to the Kingdom, pins, old room keys, park maps, the itinerary from our Honeymoon... a bunch of stuff that started being collected almost 18 years ago. We stood around the kitchen table pulling everything out - piece by piece - until we got to the bottom of the box. Everyone says it's not the stuff that holds the memories.  I know that. It didn't make it any easier to go through, though.  They were good memories. I left shortly after that.  As I backed out of the driveway onto the street I wanted to take one last picture of the house.  I realized my phone was in my pocket so I was awkwardly fussing for it hoping someone wasn't going to come flying up or down the street and hit me.   I finally managed to get my phone and held it up and snapped this photo - not quite knowing if I got the shot.  A car came up the street and I drove away.

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