Tuesday, February 18, 2014


My lawyer made a reference to this song today... the lawyers dwell on small details... and how sad the situation is. He said that in mediation the goal is for both sides to be happy.  In litigation - both should sort of be unhappy.  One side is going to always feel screwed and the other is going to feel like they didn't get enough. It is what it is, I guess. This was never about money for me. I do agree it is the end of the innocence in a way.

I've been thinking about West Coast Video and the couches downstairs in the game room.    It's kind of weird being here.  I sometimes think of the Bonneville at the top of the hill and the car phone...  The Penn State boxer shorts and Pitt t-shirt...  The emerald earrings and ring... The tuna melts at Churchill Valley Country Club and so much more. Half our lives ago... We were just kids, really. Never in a million, trillion, billion years did I think that I would be in the situation I'm in now.  Not that anyone gets married with the intention of getting divorced. Do I feel like I wasted the last 24 years of my life?  No.  I just feel like I lost them.

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