Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I sent this video to my friend, Scott, for his birthday today... how can you not be happy when you listen to that song? Almost every day that I go in to work one of the residents will comment about happy I am - and it makes them happy... it's a good thing to be known for. It's not always easy - especially there.  This is the darkest hour for many of them.

There are so many how-to books and websites and coaches and workshops to teach you how to be happy... I think the lady on the second floor in the third room on the left may have all the answers... and the one on the fourth floor at the end of the hall... and the one that comes to exercise class late every day.  It doesn't matter who it is. It's all the same. Be true to yourself... Help others... Love those around you... Count your blessings... Just basic life lessons.   I do think it comes back to the most basic concept. We have the ability to make the best of any situation - it may be difficult. It's possible, though. Father Sam's words that he believed were the key to everything still play in my head and if more people adopted that view a lot would fall into place - want what you have.

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