Monday, February 3, 2014


One thing about the Super Bowl... if the game isn't good you can always look forward to the halftime show and commercials. Win - Win in my book..

So, what did you think?  Here's my take on it... Halftime show -  now the world knows what a step class led by Ricky Ricardo would look like. No, seriously - I think Bruno Mars rocked it. Can't go wrong with a gold lame jacket and a horn section. Probably my favorite tweet of the night...

Even so, the little bouncing baby boy - Anthony Kiedis and his 50 year old shirtless belly and man leggings - love him.  I think I figured out why I like Adam on Girls so much now.

I think I saw most of the commercials - these are pretty much the ones I liked...

Best commercial never made... Newcastle Brown Ale.

MetLife/Snoopy - cute.

Screw the Cheerios - Gracie's hair is super adorable...

Still don't like Bono - with or without a free song...

Jerry Ricecake cracks me up just as much as Leon Sandcastle...

Upon watching again, the "Doberhuahua" was a little disturbing to me. I can't speak for chihuauas but Doberman's rock (shout out to Sabrina.) Sarah McLachlan was a nice touch though she shouldn't have thrown him - I don't care if he was animated.

I like my trucks... Chevy Bull Romance wasn't bad... and the World Cancer Day Silverado one. When she reaches out for his hand. Damn.

Ellen as Goldilocks and Muppets in a Highlander were ok.  Turbo Tax love hurts was decent. The Bud Light with the dude... I had to IMDB Minka Kelly - I had no idea who she was and I still don't - loved the tiny tennis, though.

Bruce Willis and Tim Tebow are doll babies... can't really remember what their commercials were for.  I can't read my notes.  Yes.  I take notes on the commercials. ;-) I know Beckam was in his undies for H&M, right? Whatev.

I probably like Russian mobsters more than I like M&Ms but the thought of him chopping up that candy and eating ice cream creeped me out way more than expected.

Where there's happy, it has to be Heinz... sweet sentiment.  Just OK commercial.

I loved the small businesses representing... Alex and Ani and their Main Street and Goldi Blox.  I have been a fan of theirs since their kickstarter a couple years ago.

Not a Stamos fan. Or Saget or Coulier or yogurt -  but pretty funny. If I liked them more than dogs - it would probably be in my top three.  Let's call this one my fourth favorite.

Not sure if I can really pick a favorite but these were my top three.

CarMax with the slow clap and Rudy.  Did you see the puppy version?!?  BRILLIANT.

Radio Shack.  "The 80s called - they want their store back." Enough said.

And, you can't go wrong with great songs and iconic running horses - flashback to Stevie Nicks last year... throw in a puppy and you are good to go. You had me at the hashtag, Budweiser.  Well done. #BestBuds.

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