Friday, August 14, 2015

Chrissy came over to help me downstairs… we started going through some things in the game room/garage.  She was down there for awhile before The Bud heard her.  Lily came running down and was howling and barking and just spinning around in circles.  She kept jumping on her and was so excited.  She finally settled and we all sat on the couch and she says…  Do you miss your daddy?

What the f*ck, Chrissy?!?

I was like where the hell did that come from!?!

We were just sitting there cracking up. I said she probably doesn't even remember him anymore and then I got to thinking about all those soldier and dog reunion videos you see on youtube and was like, I don't know - maybe. ;-)  I said she does really, really like that last toy he brought over for her - that martha stewart chickie/duck.  She always digs down deep for it in her toy box and will hunt it down.

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