Saturday, August 8, 2015

I found a couple pennies on the floor while we were cleaning. I put them on the table with the other trinkets and little stuff just sitting around. K & Other J had a lot of stuff - little things with big meaning - to them, at least. Kids after my own heart.

It was kind of sad… I felt like I had to say goodbye to everything. My favorite house - the one across the street from Lizzie's old place on Pugh...

… and my second favorite one - down from Katherine's on South Allen.

I also took pics of my third and fourth (and maybe fifth and sixth ones) but I'll spare you those.  Cedarbrook - same pic I've taken countless times - no more trees… McLanahans, of course… the place where the chinese place used to be… the farmers market… the mac machine where I used to get money. It was kind of ridiculous. Especially since this isn't the first time I did that. ;-)  Regardless, we were acting like we were going to ride out of there and the town was going to explode behind us and we would never see it again. I mean it's like two hours away. It's pretty do-able to ride up there for a cheesesteak and come home. Anyway, long live nostalgia.

I was a little surprised before we left… I  was upstairs vacuuming while the guys were organizing the furniture in the van.  I came down and saw this:
The comforter I used in my dorm 25 years ago now covering my grandmother's chest of drawers to make the journey home….
… or, at least, to storage. Chrissy grabbed it out of the unit without me knowing and I couldn't help but smile when I saw it peeking through the U-Haul window.

PS. I left a penny on the floor in a corner of the closet - I'm hoping the next person or couple that moves in will discover it and keep it and one day, years later,  will pull it out of a box and say - "remember when we found this penny in our apartment when we moved into our first place…"

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