Sunday, August 23, 2015

I got The Dad a fire pit for Father's Day. My cousin Kenny came over this morning to build it.

I was in my room getting dressed for work and I heard them calling Alexis and my Dad was singing Happy Birthday. Then it dawned on me - it's my mother's death anniversary. 21 years today. I completely forgot but when I heard them singing to Alexis I remembered -  the 23rd.

I haven't gone up to the cemetery in I don't know how long. I didn't put any spring flowers up and I carted them around in my car for months.  I took them out before we went away and just rediscovered them yesterday and thought - forget about it now - I might as well wait until fall.

I stopped at community on the way home and got Jax. My mother's favorite. I haven't had them in years  - they are probably not made from non GMO corn and I have to wipe all the extra orange stuff off of them but they are sort of comforting. I sat on the porch and ate them right out of the bag while the pup roamed the yard.

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