Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I haven't been to Applebee's in over a year… probably longer. I never liked the fact that my ex-husband thought it was appropriate to go there to discuss our divorce so that irritates me as well as when the workers started asking you if you were celebrating something special every time you went in.  What if you were just coming back from a funeral - or a chemo treatment - or trying to finalize your divorce?  Who the hell came up with that idea?  Just dumb. Anyway, I do love me an oriental chicken salad but not that much. Really.

Anyway, I met Chrissy for lunch before work… I had heard that they have these things now.

You can swipe your payment… The girl didn't even want us to pay with it. I had to tell her I wanted to and she kind of huffed about it.

I got the salad which wasn't really that good. Why isn't it called Asian Chicken Salad, anyway?

Nice attempt with the smores - but I've had better.

I'm not sure where I was going with this thought now... just wanted to say that I still hate Applebee's.

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