Monday, November 2, 2015

I texted my boss last night and told her I couldn't come in today because I was out partying all weekend. I went to the dr in the morning. She told me to stay away from work for a few days so I don't go back until Thursday! I really should have stayed home and rested but I realized that I had double booked some appointments for later in the week - particularly The Bud's booster shot and my radiation oncologist. I was able to get the pup in with the vet today so I had to take it. So much for me resting.

We got there early so we went to Sonic for iced tea.  The big one is bigger than lily's head.  I pulled up to order and went to speak and started coughing which then set the dog off who started barking and howling like a crazy wolf. All I could hear was the poor boy saying are you ok ma'am???  over and over and over.  I felt sorry for him.  It sounded like someone was killing me or her. I finally got the order out and pulled up to pay and there were three people by the window waiting to see what was going on.  He looked at Lily and laughed and said - it's always the little ones.

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