Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday adventure time… Today, Chrissy had a few stores lined up that were having their Christmas Open House.

We stopped at the Creekside Diner in Apollo first which is right next to Auggie's Bros place. That's the BBQ truck that will be at Oakmont's light up night.

The old guys in the antique store told us to go to the diner a couple weeks ago but we were headed in a different direction.

We came out and I noticed these weeds on a pipe cover on the ground. Hello, Christmas trees! So cute.

We went to Our Country Home and More - it's a house in Ford City that kind of sneaks up on you after you've been on the most windy road ever.

Found this log cabin - abandoned. The stories we made up about that place!  The old lady in there ate little babies and stuff.

Then we went to the sale at My Dad's Farm.

A little stop at the Riverside grocery store for Chrissy to pee - behind the deli counter - up the steps and way back… totally thought she was going to be eaten. 

More windy roads led us to Kittaning

… to this place.
These are a few of my favorite things…
Do you think I have a problem?
My coworker is always going to Naser's so we went back there to re-group and figure out the rest of the evening. Saw this guy in the parking lot.
From there we went to Saxonburg because we are nuts. We should have skipped this jaunt. It was getting late and we were getting hangry. Apparently we don't know when to quit.
Yelp got us to J-Barn in Sarver. Probably the wrong night to go - they were having a murder mystery dinner and only had a few tables in the other room open for walk ins that weren't there for the show. After a long wait we finally got to eat.  Started off with this pretty little lineup that comes with the meals… veggie tray, fried mushrooms, a delicious fluff and bread and butter and banana bread and apple butter.
I got the Frangelico Chicken and Chrissy got the Apricot Chicken.
It was very good but we had a long, dark ride back. What did we do?  We had to check out the gift shop/antiques in the barn on the property. Finally, in what seemed like the wee hours of the night, we headed back. I'm literally exhausted. Early morning tomorrow.

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