Saturday, November 7, 2015

We had such a good time at the Soup Crawl in Greensburg today.

After, we stopped at a crafters gallery. We all kind of went our own way inside… Cara and I met up and found Chrissy inside a tiny booth with fourteen things in her hands, her purse banging into everything and knocking down a bunch of gourd headed scarecrows. We literally had to stop her from banging into everything.

There was a sign that everything in the booth was 50% off.  I yelled at her and said would you pay regular price for that stuff or are you just buying it because it's half off?

She had a couple cloth dolls in her hand and then saw a more folk art one and pulled it out and said this one is for you (because I like the more primitive  - aka  - creepy ones) - then she pulled out another - and another.


Find me more - they are half off!!!

They were marked $9.99.

What?  So $5 each, then? That can't be right!?

Turns out that this lady that had the booth was a retired teacher and was now going back to work and was just getting rid of everything. I'm assuming these were part of her personal collection.

I didn't even think of looking in the store because I didn't care if they were worth anything. I loved them anyway but I looked when I got back to the house and they are all signed.

I found some on Ebay.

I think I got a pretty good deal for $15.00.

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