Thursday, November 26, 2015

One of the residents always says that. ;-) I had to work today which I was happy to do. I actually volunteered to. It was just me from 10-4.  I made up little treats.

We played Thanksgiving Jingo and did some Thanksgiving trivia. I talked about Black Friday and Friendsgiving. We talked about favorite pies and how they made their stuffing.  We talked about family gatherings and missing home. They asked me what this Cyber Monday was all about.

I had to leave detailed directions with The Dad on how to make the stuffing and green bean casserole. I printed step-by-step directions in 24 pt. type. We had a lovely Friendsgiving at the Knapp's as we always do. Carey gave the pup some turkey.

…and the day was done.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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