Sunday, November 29, 2015

Today would have been RoseBud's birthday.

She died unexpectedly, 7 years ago, after a hike.

I documented everything RoseBud. Living and dead.

After she died, we took a bunch of shots from her perspective at The Dad's and Dixon House.

What she saw day to day… under the bed, at the top of the steps, when we would go down to do laundry…

...when she would go bye bye in the car…

Silly to some, I bet.

They will always be some of my favorites.

There's another one from RB's death that I have never put on here. I always hesitated. I'll probably get in trouble for this somehow but I don't fucking care anymore. Dave grabbed the camera and grabbed me and said he wanted to remember this moment. At that moment, I never would have thought we would ever be apart. I hate to say it, but Stitch was wrong. Family isn't forever. People do get left behind and forgotten. In a messed up way, though, it's up there as one of my most favorite pictures as well.

It's funny how a little dog can bring you together.

It's also funny how a little dog can tear you apart…

Watch this video. This couple put a GoPro camera on their Siberian Husky and had him film their wedding day.


Happy Birthday, RoseBud. Love The Bud. XO

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