Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You know, I was laughing on my way to the vet the other day thinking they are going to think I am nuts bringing this dog back again. I'm starting to think they are going to red flag me and say I have Munchausen by proxy syndrome - pet edition.  Apparently it really is a thing!  After my tick discovery yesterday I called the vet and told them and had to give them an update on how she's been doing anyway.. She still seems to be weird. He wants to try a doggy ibuprofen now because he said he can't rule out pain somewhere that we don't know about. So I had to go out and get her pills after work.

… I also stopped at Giant Eagle. It's so different in there!!!

… and Marshall's.

… and Bado's for a couple baby reubens to go.

I really didn't have time for  all that.

We are having a surprise baby shower for my boss tomorrow and it's already midnight and I have to make a layered salad and favors and wash my hair and wrap gifts...

Ready, time me.

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