Friday, November 20, 2015

Out to Blairsville today… for the Primitive Pine Christmas open house.

We thought this house looked like the Brady Bunch house…

In reality it doesn't really look like it. Did I ever mention my obsession with the BB house?  I want to build an exact replica of it.

We went here for lunch.

I'll take a fried egg on anything.

There is not much on the main street - a few resale shops and this delicious bakery.

Some interesting finds… I want this. I think it was $600+

We had some time to kill so we went into Apollo and stopped at St Vincent DePaul thrift store. You know how I've been collecting crewel work… well these lovelies were marked 50 cents/pair then down to 10 cents and then out on the FREE table. I was like whaaaaat?  I ran in and gave the ladies a dollar because I felt bad taking them.

Finally, it was time to head to Ford City (for what -  the ninth time in a few weeks) to go to Our Country Home and More open house… They gave out gifts to the first 50 people. We were actually the first two. Yes. First two.

We asked the owners husband where we should eat - he gave us a couple options and we ended up at  Garda's which was really good.  This was mine.

…and Chrissy's

They had four different sauces to choose from and we were having trouble deciding so the waitress let us test them all. We went with the garlic sauce and I think it was a good choice.

W headed back  - pretty late for a school night. We were on the worst road ever. Somewhere in Apollo, I think. Seriously thought I was going to have to wait until morning to make my way down the hill. Damn GPS - the real road was the next road over!

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