Sunday, November 4, 2012


I have to document this foolishness from the other night since it's so me.

I hate washing my hair...

Well, I hate drying my hair. So I was dreading it all night. It was late but I finally went to get in the shower and just before I stepped in - I get a phone call. The Dad called me and accused me of taking his cell phone - I mean asked if I took his cell phone by mistake.  I didn't.  For about 30 minutes, he called it... I called it... He said it was nowhere to be found... which also meant I took it. ;-)  He went on a mission to search for it... he said he was going to go back outside and check in the car.   He never called me back.  Another 45 minutes goes by - nothing. I'm calling both phones - he doesn't answer.  So what would you think?

Ok, what would you think if you were me?!?

YES.  He didn't notice the dog followed him downstairs and she got out somehow and now he's out in the darkness of the night looking for her!

Totally reasonable thought process. Not irrational at all, people.  I don't care what you say.

So - what do I do?  Jump in the car - hair wet, half dressed... I called Chrissy to call one phone and Aunt Joyce to call the other because, by now, I am seriously going all Perkins and thought I was going to wreck if I was on the phone.  8 minutes later - yes - (I don't even know how that was possible) I get to the house and there's some random car at the top of the driveway with a flashlight shining on the garage. Seriously... what are the chances of that? Is the universe trying to give me a heart attack?!?  I pull up behind it - ready to jump out and rumble with the driver who HAD to be some leftover hooligan trick or treater that hit The Dad over the head while he was looking under the car and went in and dognapped my Lily Bud!

Ok, THAT may have been a little irrational...

Anyway, before I could get out, the car moved two doors down and then to the next house - obvs looking for a house address but still - let's get to the point... Why isn't he answering the house phone, at the very least?!?!? ;-)

I ran in - the house was dark... disregarding the fact that it was late - I just thought it was strange because I wondered why the burglars would turn all the lights off.  I flew upstairs and saw this...

What are you doing here?

The Dad walked out of the computer room with the same expression.

We go looking for the phone and still can't find it... probably another 45 minutes goes by and I finally leave.  The Dad gets in his car as I'm pulling out of the driveway... 20 seconds later I call his cell phone and he answers. I said I guess you found it?!?  He said he just found it - in the Almond Torte Box in the refrigerator.

So, we will never know the real ending to that story because he will never tell.  Was it really in the cake box?  Did he have it all along and forgot to call me back?  Did he just discover it in the car as I was leaving?

The worst thing about this whole story...

I had to re-wash my hair. ;-)

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