Monday, November 19, 2012


I went to this workshop today...

Each of us was given a bag full of makeup and other products all donated by different cosmetic companies.

It was a small group.  I felt a little strange.  I was the only one with hair... and, for that matter,  eyebrows!  A little part of me actually felt like I didn't belong there - like I didn't have cancer "enough."  Does that make sense?

There are so many people that are searching for the ultimate healing in one way or the other...often in the wrong places and for the wrong reasons. Probably best if I don't go into this right now but if you would have seen these ladies today getting so much joy out of putting a simple band around their head with a few wisps of hair attached to it and learning how to tie a scarf so it looked like they had bangs, you would know what I mean. I'll end here for the time being.

Really nice program - if you know someone that would be interested - more information is here.

Click for the Look Good Feel Better PSA.

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